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8 Visual Content Marketing trends to rule in 2018

Adrian Dubler

Adrian Dubler April 16th, 2018 User Generated Content | Photography | Brand Identity | visual content

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Visual content marketing is gaining momentum like never before because it is the first time people can capture and share memories and experiences on video. Even stream them live. Dream of transcendency come true? Not yet, but there is some powerful marketing magic. Read on to learn about eight visual content marketing trends of 2018.

We saw the rise of Snapchat, Periscope, live streaming on YouTube and Tumblr. We are already living in the world of video. Video killed the radio star long ago; we can't rewind we've gone too far...

Free Internet connections are fast and easily accessible, we own phones that match the quality of CNS cameras, we can make 4k videos on our smartphones, our kids do that for fun now and share on We can instantly share moments of our lives in real time with any global user of a given channel. That is pretty amazing.

Now more and more brands are exploring various video formats and play with earned content, co-created for them by their actual consumers. If you are AirBnB or Starbucks, you are showered with content created by your fans. What can a small or even a start-up brand do?


Great design and powerful branding were always crucial for any B2B and B2C business, but it seems like the insatiable appetite for powerful visuals is now a challenge that leaves no room for negligence. Your customers, social audience and buyers are busy and tend to consume marketing materials while commuting, working and while browsing the Internet in a leisurely manner.

All marketers are struggling to find most effective ways to tell their stories. We saw the rise of new aesthetics and trends in brand imagery and product photos, we all have been busy creating appealing infographics that at some point were extremely popular and effective.

B2B marketers have been producing informative, data-heavy white papers and e-books to share their expertise and convert leads into customers by providing educational materials. Every brand needs strong visuals that will reinforce the branding message in the desired manner with the intended outcome and at the same time these visuals must be quickly absorbed and attractive enough to be shared by your social and digital followers with no additional incentive from your side, solely because they provide both aesthetic and contextual value.

Read on to learn what content marketing trends and tactics are here to dominate in 2018 and how even market newbies can win at this video game : updates on Video Content, Epehemeral Content, Visual Discovery Features, the 3V Rule, Visual Storytelling, 360 degree photos and videos and more!

1. Video takes precedence. Data first.

Rebakah Radice, quite rightfully crafted an argument on visual trends of 2018 that "visual marketing does not just sell a product or a service, it sells an experience around your business".

There are also some numbers from Buffalo Brothers's infographic

80% of global internet traffic will be attributed to video by 2020
90% of content shared on SNS by users is video
95% of message will be retained by viewer, while for text it's 10%

Pretty powerful, right? That is why we also put operational and development targets to implement whatever is needed by us to deliver all moving picture formats - moving pictures, videos both horizontal and vertical (mainly for ephemeral forms such as Insta Story or Facebook's Add to my Day feature), short snaps of everyday life created by our users for brands.


2. Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral Content means short-lived, fleeting, or passing piece that explores the communication capabilities of modern social media accessible 24 hours. It counts so much because it

  • is authentic
  • drives high engagement
  • is mobile-centric
  • feeds on FOMO ;)

It is also a user-generated content piece for augmented communication. Such immersion in perception is very effective and powerful in driving customer's behaviours.

The challenge for visual marketing departments is to play on this trend and to use ephemeral images and videos to promote their products or to run unusual campaigns and incentives.

At the same time, your CMO or CFO will ask you to assign and report on ROI to it. Facebook has recently made significant changes to is ads management and we all expect to be shown more powerful analytical tools built in these platforms to optimize and evaluate all advertising and spending.

3. Visual Discovery Features

A feature that is bound to mark its importance in 2018, is the visual discovery feature introduced by Pinterest. It allows consumers to be directed to visually relevant photos of their object of interest – a feature that is certainly user-friendly. Facebook and Amazon are also reportedly working on a similar feature.

Pinterest, quite like us, focuses on relevance and authenticity. We share the belief that there is nothing as powerful as highly personal content shared on social platforms, when people choose what to show and when to people and friends of their choice. Personality over perfection. We will keep repeating that.

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4. Visual Storytelling

Making your story powerful through video, interactive games, Augmented Reality, data visualisation. Visual storytelling is persuasive because it "transports" your audience somewhere else using a story. Areas of our brain are activated when we hear a story as if we were experiencing it, while the frontal cortex, the area responsible for experiencing emotions can't be activated by cliches. Use that to present your brand as a part of your customers every day


5. Social Videos

It is quite easy nowadays with our equipment and software to become a video creator. First people were obsessed with Boomerang, now sharing a short piece of personal video content is rather common and takes more crafted forms. It seems like everyone now can star own channel and become their social circle's narrator.

Search Engine Journal's study presents a 178% increase in the average engagement of Facebook Live videos.

6. 360 degree photos and videos

360 degree photographs and videos are not rare nowadays. You see some in your newsfeed quite often and probably you watch and interact with them.
They look great on mobile, so we can expect that all social networking sites will prioritise them to encourage users to spend more time with them.
It is a great way to narrate your brand and present a particular item for sale, however, you need to present a high level of quality control over it. That makes it harder to make the content itself the hero. If you are a CPG brand you should definitely start playing with it. Jewellery, toys, shoes, home decor items, even cosmetics and food look great there!


7. Vertical video and the 3V Rule

As mentioned before - mobile-natural vertical videos that work exceptionally well as ephemeral content are going to be the great thing of 2018 for big and small brands.

the 3V model is

  • Vertical - made for mobile
  • Video - best way to tell a story
  • Views- full screen, full attention

8. User-generated content - consumer content

How should brands incorporate the voice of their consumers? Expect them to feature real quotes, testimonials and short video blog forms. Most likely very prominent on corporate landing pages soon. Especially B2B marketers should look for ways to colllect customer-centric marketing collateral and incentivize their sales team to develop strong relationships with partners which will result in having that ready to use.

Authenticity, honesty, personalisation and first-hand social proof of product or service of user recommendations is the ultimate weapon of the B2B marketing game, but takes the sales engagement playbook and execution of customer-fanatic care and after sales taken to a new level.

Our biggest bet? Ephemeral video content is going to rule the visual content marketing scenes in 2018. Can we anticipate and facilitate creation of spontaneous ephemeral content for your brand?

Yes. Get in touch and drop us a line. We will contact you shortly with custom proposal for your brand.

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